Women’s Health

Women’s Health is generally regarded as a broad category covering many aspects of particular relevance to women.
This could be anything from anti-aging concerns to weight control heart health to gynecological and obstetrical health issues.
Except for conditions relevant to OB/GYN, men also share many of the same concerns, but because of the difference in women’s responses to diseases and medications, psycho-social attitudes and other physical and social factors, in the States and other parts of the world an entire health practice has developed that is specifically focused on women.
Because Women’s Health in it’s broadest sense is not treated as a separate category of care in Mexico, there are few professionals and practitioners who focus primarily on we providing health care related to gynecology, obstetrics, menopause and their related issues outside of Doctors trained in those areas.  However, there is a growing trend in Mexico toward more medically trained professionals who are not doctors who can skillfully and effectively provide care and treat the health issues of women.