What to do in an Emergency

We all want to feel well taken care of in an emergency. In order to have that happen, I believe,we all need to prepare for that emergency. One of the most important things- we expats  can do- is to support the emergency systems that will help you in case of an emergency . Here in San Miguel they are La Cruz Roja  which is Red Cross in Mexico and Pace MD.

La Cruz Roja or the Red Cross is responsible for providing free ambulance services in case of an emergency. We need to support them financially as much as we can. It could save your life!

Pace MD helps to provide important trainings for Cruz Roja and they are now working diligently- to help improve the Emergency Medical Systems in San Miguel -so it’s important for you to know -who they are, what they do and support them.

Now for your personal plan for emergencies.

Know the numbers to call. 066 for all types of emergencies. 066 puts your call into a call center -similar to the 911 system in the States. This is for the police, the transito or the traffic police,Cruz Roja,  Bomberos, the fire department,  Federal Police,  Protecion Civil which is the Federal Disaster Protection Organization and Private Alarm systems.

065 is another important emergency number that will alert just the police and Cruz Roja. The Cruz Roja has a bracelet -you can buy with a number that’s in a computer at the Cruz Roja office with your personal information that they may need in an emergency. This can only be used in San Miguel.

Make sure that you truly have an emergency. Non –emergencies slow down the system. A serious medical problem could be chest pains, severe bleeding, seizures, difficulty breathing, cardiac arrest or stroke .

The Cruz Roja switchboard operator is going to ask you the following questions:

  1. Your address – be able to give good directions
  2. Your phone #
  3. Which Colonia you are in
  4. Is the person conscious, is the person bleeding, in pain, where is the pain, is the person breathing, vomiting, is there another person with them,  and description of their main injury or physical problem

Keep a copy of what Cruz Roja is going to ask you handy -so you can refer to it easily.

065 can be called- if you just want an ambulance.

If you are just visiting San Miguel and you have a cell phone that is from anywhere outside of Mexico – you can call on your cell phone 112.

Say you get hit by a bus in San Miguel and are unconscious. Have inside your wallet a laminated card. One side in English the other side in Spanish. Give the following information:

  1. your name
  2. your passport #
  3. the name of your primary care physician AND his/or her phone #’s
  4. any chronic conditions you have

I say I have a knee replacement with Titanium in my knee, my allergies, my emergency contact #’s (which could include your Care Group) insurance if you have it and what hospital you would like to be seen at. I also carry  laminated copies of my Visa and Passport.

Make sure your housekeeper or Gardener knows how to help you in an emergency. Make sure they know who to call if you are hurt. Better still have them take a class on Emergency care at Pace MD. Learn enough Spanish to get the help you need, especially if you have a chronic condition, such as past heart problems, stroke, hip fracture or other conditions that may require attention while you are in Mexico. Stay prepared!

Updated 11-10-12