Urgent Care

We all want to feel well taken care of in an emergency. In order to have that happen, I believe, we all need to prepare for that emergency.

  • Have a primary care physician
  • Have your critical medical information with you at all times
  • Inform your staff how to contact your doctor and ambulance, and where your critical information is in the event that you cannot do so yourself.
  • Keep important phone numbers by your phones or programmed into them
  • Have someone you can contact who can interpret for you
  • Have your Advanced Directive available in case of a serious illness or injury

One of the most important things we expats  can do  is to support the emergency systems that will help you in case of an emergency . Here in San Miguel they are La Cruz Roja,  which is the Red Cross in Mexico, which provides free ambulance service within San Miguel, and PACE MD, an organization dedicated to the training of first responders and other emergency medical personnel.