Tricare U.S. Military Insurance Program

The following information has been summarized from the TRICARE website.  This is not intended to be a complete discussion of benefits or how they may relate to Medicare or veterans living abroad.  Please refer to the website for more complete information.  This information may be subject to change without notice.

Not all hospitals in Mexico, and none in San Miguel, will accept them.  Payments may be required to be made at time of service and claims submitted them for reimbursement.

According to Medicare and You 2014, if you have Medicare Part B and you also have coverage you will need to contact them to find out what you need to do if you want to keep it.

TRICARE is the health care program serving Uniformed Service members, retirees and their families worldwide.  He offers comprehensive, affordable health coverage with several health plan options, a robust pharmacy benefit, dental options and other special programs.


Health Plan Options

Tricare-program offers several health plan options for U.S. veterans with Medicare or who are living abroad. There are also other plans available for active military members and those living or stationed in the US. Please contact them for more information.

Updated 1-12-14