Senior Health Insurance

Recognizing that those over 65 are limited in choices of medical insurance coverage outside of the US and Canada, a couple of  plans are available to ex-pats in Mexico.

Plenitus Senior is a Mexican PPO insurance program designed specifically for Seniors age 60 and older.  To qualify, one must have an INAPAM card, and permanent residency status.  Couples are eligible even is one spouse is younger than 60.  Plenitus has contracted with over 200 private hospitals throughout Mexico, including Medica Tec 100, the entire Hospital Angeles system with the exception of Angeles Interlomas at Mexcio City and Hospital San Jose in Queretaro and Celaya.  There are three Plans at three different price points.  The services are the same for each plan, but the maximum coverage per event vary.  Pre-existing conditions are not necessarily a barrier to being covered.  Some pre-existing conditions may be covered by paying an extra premium, others require a pre-determined waiting period of 1-2 years.  There are some conditions that are excluded entirely or for a time determined on an individual basis.  A physical exam is required for applicants age 65 and older.Seniors may apply at any age, and premium prices go up with increasing age.  This is the only insurance in Mexico that can be purchased after the age of 65.  Copays are 0% of fees with participating physicians and hospitals, and 10% copay with non-participating physicians and hospitals.  The Plans include
•    Complete medical care for all covered conditions
•    Ambulance service, including air ambulance in emergencies within Mexico
•    Basic dental care
•    Annual basic physical with 30% copay
•    Preventative exams, such as mammograms and colonoscopy
•    Basic funeral arrangements.
•    Several other amenities
Please contact Hector Lavin Rios at, (55)5677 4933 for more information.  Hector speaks English and can answer any questions you may have.

Offshore Health & Travel Benefits, LTD, offers the Silver Plan and HCI Emergency Plus to those over 50 years of age. Contact Robert Tillotson at, 888-893-4531 for more information.
Updated 1-14-14