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Resource Books

Our Caring Community

A guide to Home Health and Medical Care in San Miguel.  Of particular benefit to those who are homebound and have difficulty getting to services. By Marge Zap   This may still be available at many locations in San Miguel.

Guía Médica del Bajío

A directory of subscriber medical and health service professionals in San Miguel de Allende, Celaya, Queretaro and Dolores Hidalgo.  This is available at some locations in San Miguel as well as on the website.

Mexico Health and Safety Travel Guide

A compilation of Hospitals and Doctors in Major Tourist Areas in Mexico.  Also includes some general information about medical care in Mexico, medical terminology and common pharmaceutical brand names.  By Robert H. Page, MD, and Curtis P. Page, MD.

Complete Medical Spanish – a practical Course for for Quick and Confident Communication.  By Joanna Rios and Jose Fernandez Torres.  Available through (Copy and paste book title)

Worst Pills, Best Pills
An easy-to-understand guide to several hundred drugs, their adverse reactions and potential serious interactions.  By multiple authors and contributors.

Your Health, Your Choice:  Become Empowered to Participate in your Own Health Care
An informative guide to making informed medical decisions.  By Herman Drobny, MD.  Available through  (Copy and paste book title) and the publisher,

Health Insurance
Discusses health insurance options in the world’s top 17 overseas retirement locations.

The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico
This is a comprehensive and very informative E-book available through discussing many of the issues and common questions regarding health care in Mexico.

The Insider’s Guide to San Miguel
A guide to many retail stores, restaurants and services, including medical services, doctors and hospitals, in San Miguel.  By Richard Simeone.  Also available through (copy and paste book title) and many locations in San Miguel.

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