Radiology and Lab Facilities

Radiology Facilities

Radiology facilities in Mexico are regulated by the Secretaria de Salud (Ministry of Health) and must be supervised by a Radiologist.  Radiological Technogists are trained in programs authorized by the Secretaria de Salud and must be certified at certain intervals to maintain their ability work in this field.  All radiological equipment is inspected and calibrated at least annually, as are dosimeter badges worn by all x-ray personnel.

Generally speaking, the age of the x-ray equipment makes little difference in the quality of the x-rays and the amount of radiation as long as the equipment is properly maintained and calibrated.  However, with the development of digital x-ray technology images are becoming increasingly better with lower doses of radiation.

Another advantage of digital radiography is that images can be sent electronically directly to doctor’s offices and surgical suites. Some facilities will put images on film so that the patient has a “hardcopy”.

Angiography, CT scanners and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) are highly sophisticated radiology technologies utilized for specific exams.  Both Hospital General and Medica TEC 100 have CT scanners.  MRI and angiography units can be found nearby in Querétaro, Celaya and Delores Hidalgo.


Laboratories in Mexico are regulated by the Secretaria de Salud (Ministry of Health) and must be supervised by a licensed Chemist.  The equipment must be calibrated regularly and records kept of calibrations.  Patient test results are not maintained by the laboratories but are given to the patient.  Not all tests require a doctor’s order, and not all tests can be performed by all laboratories.  Many special tests may be sent out to larger laboratories or have to be performed at a major laboratory or hospital.

Some laboratories will email results to you and your doctor.  Always ask if this service is provided.

When lab results are critical it may be advised to have the same test performed at two different laboratories.  If the test results differ, a third test may be advisable.  Always check with your doctor who knows how to interpret the results before pursuing further testing.