Physical Therapy & Fitness

While Physical Therapy and Fitness Training are two very different practices, each support the other.

Physical Therapy is generally utilized for a disability and after an injury or surgery to restore the body to normal movement function using many different techniques such as exercise, physical manipulation, massage, electrical stimulation, heat and cold therapy, water therapy, tension, to name a few.  Many physical therapy clinics also have a full range of mechanical exercise equipment to support full body strengthening.

Physical therapists in Mexico must have completed training and be licensed to practice.  Physical therapists from outside of Mexico must meet the same standards and be licensed or certified in their country of training.

Fitness Training in general supports total body health through strength training, improvement in coordination and balance and in some situations, dietary counseling.  Fitness training uses a wide range of techniques including free-form exercise, use of mechanical exercise equipment, weights, balls and bands, cardiovascular exercise, and outdoor activities such as running, walking an taking advantage of the environment as exercise equipment.

Fitness training is frequently employed when physical therapy is completed.  Many fitness trainers are able to focus on specific areas of the body to complement physical therapy and improve movement, strength and function in that area.

Anyone with a fitness background can call him or herself a trainer.  Most responsible trainers in San Miguel, however, have the qualifications and training background to work safely and professionally.

It is advisable to ask for the credentials of your physical therapist and trainer so that you can be assured of the service you receive.

Gyms and fitness studios contain a lot of equipment requiring regular maintenance.  Just as a word of caution, do not expect every gym and studio to be well maintained.    It may be to your benefit to talk to your trainer and gym owner about their maintenance schedule.  Improperly and poorly maintained equipment could cause you injury.