Hospital Star Medica

Blvd. Bernardo Quintana Arrioja # 4060

Col San Pablo,Santiago de Queretaro, QRO. CP 76125

Phone: 01-442-427-8000

Website:,  Roberto Bravo, Medical Director

Visiting hours: 9am to 9 pm.

Hospitales Star Medica is a private hospital system of 10 hospitals, with one dedicated to pediatric care soon to be completed in Mexico City.  There are also two new hospitals to be opened next year.  The Star Medica system has been in operation for 10 years.Hospital Star Medica in Querétaro opened in January 2013 and is in the process of applying for certification, a process which takes about one year.  Standards at the hospital meet standards for International Accreditation.

Methods of Payment: Cash, Mexican check and credit cards are accepted, and a deposit is required prior to admission.  These funds are not processed until the cost of treatment is determined.

Some insurance companies are accepted.  Please contact Dr. Gerardo Vásquez, 442-427-8000, ext 1087, to see if your insurance company is on the list.

Medical Staff: Doctors who are on staff at the hospital and types services of services are listed on their website.  There is a button for English at the top of the page. Select “Find your Doctor”, which will take you to a page with several field selections.  In the “Hospital” field select “Querétaro” and a list will appear.  This can be further refined by selecting “Specialty” or “Insurance”

General Hospital Information: There are 70 private rooms of hotel quality, fully equipped for all medical needs. Several of them are suites. Cost is around $5000-6000 pesos per night.  There is one bed in each room for one family member.  Family members are not expected to be present, but are encouraged.  There is a public relations staff person who speaks English and who comes in daily to check on the patient, as well as many of the other non-medical staff members who service the patient. There is a heliport located on the roof.

Languages: While many of the staff are multilingual it is strongly advised to have someone with you who is fluent in Spanish to assist non-fluent patients.  This person may stay with the patient.

Nursing Ratio:  There is a ratio of one nurse to three patients in the hospital, and one to one in Intensive Care.

Children’s Play Area: Because children under 12 are not allowed as visitors, there is a supervised children’s playroom near the café.

Intensive Care: Intensive Care has 6 beds, with one dedicated to pediatric (infant) care.  One room can be easily converted to an isolation room.  An Intensive Care doctor is on duty 24 hours a day.  Nursing ratio is one nurse to one patient.

Emergency Room: The Emergency Room is equipped to handle all patients with immediate and efficient care.  There is a “shock” room, where patients are stabilized and triaged.  There is also a Pediatric (infant) examining room.  The hospital is dedicated to have the patient either discharged, sent to the appropriate department for treatment or in a hospital room within 4 hours of entry.  An X-ray room and ultrasound are adjacent to the ER as well as a blood drawing room.  The doctors in the ER are all certified in Emergency Medicine and on duty 24 hours.

Blood Bank: There is blood bank for the hospital.

Laboratory:  The lab is open 24 hours and is open to the public.

Pharmacy: There is no public pharmacy.

Radiology: The Radiology Department is open for out-patient services and has the following equipment: X-ray machines, CT scan, MRI, Mammography, Ultrasound and Doppler (Echocardiogram) and Fluoroscopy, and bone densitometer.  There is also a Cardiac Catheterization Unit.  Dra. Martha Lidia Elizalde Osuna is the head radiologist.  The equipment is state of the art, and regularly maintained and calibrated.

Surgery: The surgical suite consists of 6 operating rooms, one equipped with video capacity. The hospital is not certified for transplant surgeries.  Orthopedic surgeries and hospitalization are performed.  Of special concern and focus are back injury, hip replacement, knee replacement, compound fractures requiring external apparatus.

Maternity and Post Partum: There is OB and post partum care and a Neo-natal ICU.


Cardiac Care:  Complete cardiac care is available.  The Emergency Room is equipped to evaluate and treat cardiac and stroke conditions.  Angiography and angioplasty can be performed.  It is hospital policy to have the cardiac team assembled within one hour.  Stress tests and echocardiograms are available.

Physical Therapy is referred out.

Psychiatric Services: There is an Engish-speaking Psychiatrist on staff who is available in certain situations. There are no Psychiatric services available.  Referrals will be made as determined necessary.

Public Relations: Public Relations assists the patient to meet his or her needs while in the hospital and helps with arranging some after-care needs.

Nutritionist/Dietician: A nutritionist is on staff to guarantee that the patient is receiving the proper diet while in the hospital.  The nutritionist may also advise on dietary planning after release.

Outpatient Services: The following services are available in outpatient basis as a part of the hospital system.

  •  Endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Certified Dietician / Nutritional consultation
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Bone Density Testing
  • Laboratory
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Radiology, including MRI and Mammography
  • Health Checkup
  • Health Checkup Program
  • Star Medica offers preventative health several health checkup packages for men, women and children.

Updated 10-25-13