Holistic Medicine

Holistic, complementary and integrative practitioners provide modalities of healthcare not usually practiced by conventionally trained physicians. Training and experience vary and should be evaluated by the consumer.  Many complementary and alternative practices are not licensed in Mexico, so someone may legally identify him/her self as a professional without the training we would expect in the U.S. or Canada.

The range of holistic medical techniques offered in San Miguel de Allende is broad and some practitioners may function as primary care providers.  It is strongly recommended that a local conventional physician be part of one’s healthcare team as well, in case medical care or hospitalization is needed.

Doctors are listed both by Area of Practice, to the left, and in Alphabetical order under Doctors by Specialty. All practitioners listed are licensed and/or certified in their fields, where certification and/or licensing is provided. Under Mexican law, in order to practice in certain holistic fields one must also be a Doctor of Medicine. Inclusion in the Directory does not constitute endorsement.

Below are some websites offering general descriptions of several of the generally accepted holisitc modalities.l.  These should not be considered as definitive information, as there are many views regarding each modality.  These are offered to aid in the patient/client understanding so that he/she can make an informed decision for treatment and care. Because treatment approaches may vary widely within a single modality, it is recommended that the patient or client discuss all treatment approaches with the practitioner.

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
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National Center for Homeopathy

Homeopatia Unicista  (Spanish)
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