Emergency Numbers

Can be called from a cell phone EMERGENCY INFORMATION

If you have been injured as the result of a criminal act against you, you must report it to both the Police and District Attorney.  Do not report at the office at El Jardin as it will not be acted upon.  All offices are located in the Presidencia, located on the road to Queretaro.  An English translator is frequently available during normal business hours, but it’s strongly advised that you bring a translator with you as the public translator may not always readily available.
Keep these numbers by all of your telephones.  Enter the emergency numbers into your cell phone.
This number can be used from a cell phone

065 – for ambulance only

122 – can be called from any cell phone from another country
Seguridad Publica / Police 152-2890
Boulevard de la Conspiración 130 (Municipal Building at the glorieta to Los Rodriguez)

Ministerio Publico / District Attorney
Monday-Friday 9am to 5 pm
Agent always on duty to provide emergency service
Boulevard de la Conspiración 120 (Judicial Building at the glorieta to Los Rodriguez)
152-3606, 152-7337, 152-6304

Transito 152-0911,  154-8420

Rescue and First Aid 152-4225
Red Cross Ambulance152-0911

Fire Department 066, 152-0911  152-3238

Alarm and Security Companies:   Sirce  Sollano 4   152-6256; 152-5819
XESQ  Radio Station152-0227, 152-0799