Suggested Information for a Care Group

It is important that others you trust have access to certain information regarding your personal and financial situation should you need someone to act in your behalf.

The following is a list of information that is suggested to be shared with your Care Group.

  • Name: Include nicknames as well as name(s) on passports and other documents.
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Doctor(s) in SMA:  Include address, office phone, cell phone, email if available.
  • US Doctor(s): Include address, office phone, emergency contact numbers, website, email if available.  Note which doctors are treating you for particular conditions, such as diabetes or heart conditions
  • Mexican hospital of choice after stabilization or initial observation   This would be the hospital with which your doctor is affiliated.
  • Chronic conditions:  Include any condition for which you take medicines or might have an effect on treatment, such diabetes, heart conditions, history of phlebitis, history of stroke or TIAs.
  • Previous major illnesses and surgeries  Include any metal that has been placed in the body, such as hip and knee replacements, dental implants, pacemakers.
  • Medications:  Include all medications including those taken occasionally, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, vitamins and supplements.
  • Allergies:   Include drug and food allergies, such as shellfish.
  • Blood Type
  • Emergency contacts in SMA:  These are the members of your Care Group.  Include telephone numbers, addresses and email.
  • Family and emergency contacts outside of Mexico:  Include all relevant contact information
  • Household staff:  Name and contact information.  Staff may be helpful in securing and maintaining the house in the event of extended illness.  May also be able to offer some language support.  Note if any of the household staff have keys to the premises.
  • Insurance carrier(s)  Include all relevant information regarding health insurance policies, such as ID number, group number, contact numbers, agent, a copy of medical evacuation insurance policy if applicable.
  • Membership in 24-Hour Association or Nueva Vida Gardens:  Include a copy of your coverage.
  • Religious preferences during illness and at time of death.
  • Bills to be paid:  Include account numbers, names in which bills are held, due dates.
  • Any other information the participants feel important to be included.

It is also recommended that the following copies of documents be included:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Residency Visa or Tourist Visa documents
  • Copy of Mexican Citizenship documents, if applicable
  • Copy of Durable Power of Attorney, in English and in Spanish
  • Location of Important Documents

Items to include:

  • Cash on hand (Suggested is at least $5000 pesos)
  • Durable Power of Attorney for health care decisions  (This should be in Spanish as well as English)
  • Trust Documents
  • Will (note if it is a Mexican will, a US or Canadian will, or both.)
  • Residency Visa /Mexican citizenship papers and Passports
  • Credit cards  (note those you prefer to be used; it is suggested that available credit should be at least $10,000 USD)
  • Checkbooks
  • Bank and investment accounts that may need to be accessed in the event of major treatment or prolonged period of hospitalization
  • Any property, life or liability insurance policies
  • Extra keys to the property, car or other secured areas
  • Person who has power of attorney for bank / investment accounts. Most frequently this will be for accounts outside of Mexico.  If all funds are in Mexican institutions, someone local should have power of attorney in the event of emergency.
  • Financial Manager (if applicable)  Include name, contact information.  Your financial manager should be informed of the Care Group members so that he/she has a record should he/she be contacted.
  • Pending Bills:  Location and due dates of bills like credit card, electricity, phone.
  • Incoming funds:  if there are regular funds received by mail, such as from pensions, indicate your preferred disposition of the funds, such as depositing in a particular bank account.

Animals in the Home


  • Name(s), breed(s) and any medical conditions of all animals in the home.
  • Name(s) and contact information of local person(s) who will be responsible for the animal(s) in the event of sudden illness or accident.  Include contact information for the veterinarian.
  • Name(s) and contact information of the person(s) who will be responsible for the animals in the event of death.
  • If there are animals, such as horses, boarded at other locations, or if you’re “fostering” animals for organizations like SPA or Save A Mexican Mutt, include contact names phone numbers as well.


Source:  Our Caring Community and the considerations of recently formed Care Groups.