Cardiac Care in Mexico

The article below addresses cardiac care in general, and may not apply to San Miguel, which has limited cardiac and stroke treatment situations.  If you are concerned about cardiac and or stroke issues please confer with a cardiologist to address the best care options for your needs.  It is also advisable to develop a relationship with a cardiologist before you need his or her services.  It could save much valuable time in obtaining immediate and proper treatment.

The republic of Mexico has incorporated into its health-care systems the most up-to-date techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of different cardiovascular diseases. Currently throughout the country there are level one hospitals able to diagnose and treat any cardiovascular disease, whether by emergency or elective consultation.

Specifically in the field of cardiology, cardiac catheterization (hemodynamic) labs are available in over 50 hospitals throughout Mexico, where any type of percutaneous intervention of surgery – from a cardiac catheterization to “open heart” surgery – can be performed. Facilities exist for the performance of elective or urgent coronary angioplasty (24-hour service for the treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction or unstable angina) and treatment with angioplasty can clear obstructions in the heart, arms, legs, kidneys, neck etc. In addition to traditional stents, we have at our disposal the most recent innovations in stent technology that greatly enhance short and long-term success.

All types of pacemaker placements can be performed, including one, two, or the new model three electrode or multi-site pacemakers. There are also cardiac surgery programs for the performance of any type of operation, including surgery without the use of an extracorporeal pump circulation system (“off-pump” CABG) or surgery of the “beating heart.”

In addition, we have peripheral vascular and thoracic surgery. Some hospitals also have transmyocardial laser revascularization capabilities.In the majority of level one hospitals there are excellent intensive care units for the management of patients with critical or gave cardiovascular conditions.

In summary, your stay in Mexico should guarantee peace of mind, with the knowledge that there exists the total capacity to resolve whichever cardiac problem with the latest in technological advancement.

MedToGo offers information to consider if you plan to travel with heart disease.  MedToGo also provides a rating system to identify those hospitals which have cardiac care capabilities.  It is recommended that anyone living or traveling in Mexico have this book so that they can access the best cardiac care available.  It is available through Mexico Health and Safety Travel Guide, 2nd Edition
Updated 11-10-12