Ambulance Services

Ambulance services vary greatly in service and in price.  IMSS, Seguro Popular and ISSSTE (for government employees) all operate their own services and are only available to those within those systems.
The Red Cross / Cruz Roja is the only service that provides free ambulance service in San Miguel de Allende. Seven ambulances and rescue trucks are available for medical emergencies and medical transportation in San Miguel. One of these ambulances is equipped to provide advanced emergency services and the staff are able to Intensive Care Services. The other six provide basic emergency services. A classification system is used to decide which system to use ambulance. People who need critical emergency services will have advanced ambulance service. It is important when you call an ambulance to be clear in the description of the nature of the emergency so that you will get the service you need.

The system of the Red Cross does not have the money to pay many of its staff. Almost everyone is a volunteer. Training is done for these volunteers by PACEMD that we need to pay for. There are 4 people working in each 24-hour shift. There are a total of 12 paid staff membersin three shifts. These people are dedicated to providing the best care possible in the transport of patients, and deserve adequate remuneration for their service.

When a person has an emergency requiring transport to a local hospital there is no charge. 95% of the time this occurs. However, when the medical transport back home from the hospital or transferred to another medical center, there is a fee. The Mayor of San Miguel donates $75,000 pesos a month, which is only for advanced ambulance service. This covers only 50% of its operating expenses for a month.

The annual fundraising drive will begin March 1, 2014 . Clearly if San Miguel is to have a system that sufficiently support ambulance service in an emergency, donations are needed. Give generously to the Red Cross volunteers who are on the street. For tax deductible donations you can make a direct contribution to the bank account of the Red Cross, to Bancomer 0179808566 IAP The Mexican Red Cross.
To help your staff should you be unable to call for yourself, seeImportant Information so that should the need arise, your gardener, housekeeper or neighbor can quickly assist you.

Updated 3-3-14