Insurance Information

Insurance is a complex subject for those living in Mexico.  With lower medical costs than in the U.S. and sometimes better availability than in Canada, many people choose not to have coverage.  However, illness and accidents can happen that can be quite costly, even in Mexico.
There are literally hundreds of international health policies. There is no “one size fits all” policy or an easy approach to discussing the differences in the policies available. Some are very limited in their coverage while being quite affordable, and others are very broad.  Others have age and pre-existing condition restrictions.  Some will provide coverage in the US as well as foreign countries; others will not.  Some will function as a Medicare supplemental when in the US.

Air Evacuation insurance may often be provided within international health policies or can be purchased separately.  Not all air evacuation policies provide the same level of service.  Please note, also, that one must be medically stable to be evacuated, meaning that there may also be emergency care and hospital costs, as well.

There are also many Mexican Domestic Health Plans that can be purchased by foreigners.  Most of these have age restrictions, with some actually terminating coverage at a certain age.

IMSS and Seguro Popular are socialized medical programs within Mexico.  Both are quite affordable and exclusive of each other.  IMSS operates its own clinic and hospital system, and has pre-conditions for coverage.  Seguro Popular is part of the Hospital General System.  Neither system will provide coverage for care outside of there respective systems.

Medicare participants are not eligible for coverage outside of the US except under certain and very well defined conditions.  The Medicare page offers a summary of Medicare coverage, Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans and what they do and do not provide.

TriCare is health coverage available to active and retired Military personnel and their families.